Westchester County has several policies in place to support and protect its LGBT residents. There are also many resources that offer help. For more information, contact the Office of LGBT Affairs at (914) 995-5742.

1,324 Reasons for Marriage Equality in New York State
A joint publication of the Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation and the New York City Bar Association that catalogs the legal rights and duties that New York statutes and regulations confer on married individuals.

Executive Order on Same Sex Marriage
On June 7, 2006 an Executive Order was signed stating that same sex-marriages lawfully entered into outside of New York State will be recognized by the county government in the same manner as opposite-sex marriages.

Online Resources for LGBT Youth
Resources for LGBT youth in Westchester County and the surrounding area.

State Tax Filing for Same-Sex Couples
To understand New York State filings for same-sex couples, go to www.tax.ny.gov, and enter "same-sex couples" in the Search Tax field.